Edulang now has a cool lil’ mascot AND a swanky new catalogue!


So what do you think of our new mascot? … ;-)



While revamping the webpage a bit, we also took the time to get around to something that clients, especially universities have been asking for awhile— a catalogue that describes all of our products.


Again, our mascot rose to the occasion ;-)  Check it out here.



And a quick peek at one page describing 1 of our 9 applications



I must say, it is cool working with a team of tech/design-oriented folks that can whip off things like this without thinking twice… I gotta get back to studying my HTML and Photoshop ;-)

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  • Sylvia Guinan

    Can I have a mascot widget for my blog?

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Sylvia!

    Fun feedback and I’ll chat with the team about the possibility. In the meantime, here’s the widget you can play around with:


  • Chris

    Really eye-catching catalogue and cute mascot =) I’m curious, why did you choose a black sheep as a mascot?