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Being the social media manager for Edulang means I have the distinct privelege to be in contact with hundreds of other teachers around the world, which is amazing!

I also get to keep tabs more directly on many of them as they are using Edulang’s resources in their diverse contexts.  As their teaching situations vary extensively,  I wanted to share specifically how English Addicts is being put to use as there are quite a few options with the 10 daily activities, in addition to the discussion/speaking/group tasks.


One-on-one business teachers

“I use English Addicts with a CEO client in every lesson we have giving him a choice of which lesson he’d like for the next class and he chooses whatever he wants. He doesn’t have time to do all the exercises so he just listens to the podcasts in his car or ‘second office’ as he calls it. We then discuss the topic and I explain some of the vocab.”  -Phil

“My new learners are always blown away when I give them the demo lesson and are really enthusiastic to start using it to learn.  Some really take off with it, and others need a bit of follow-through, which is actually pretty easy to stay on top of thanks to the student-tracking tools.  Also, one of the first things I share with them is the “search tool” allowing them to find lessons that actually engage them personally, and from there if they don’t have time to do all ten lessons, maybe they do a few, or just listen to the audio in their car, or sometimes I even use the lessons in a traditional way in the classroom.  Listen, tasks, discussion etc.” -Eric

Online teachers

“I’ve been using English Addicts with students on skype for a while & am now ready to launch a full WizIQ course called Film & News in English featuring English Addicts.  This course wil be for large groups of students all over the world and will be asynchronous- meaning that they will study the materials independently, and then attend the lesson for consolidation, speaking, film clips based on the news articles, and a myriad of creative activities that can stem from that in a multi-media virtual classroom.” -Sylvia

“I teach English online and use English Addicts with my students. We enjoy working through the topics together, and the lessons always generate interesting discussion.  If we don’t finish the lesson material by the end of our class, students can carry on with the online exercises in their own time. I really like the fact the topics are so current too.” -Anne


University teachers

The school where I taught this semester in Paris (IUT de Sceaux) offered English Addicts to its students in language labs, and followed the same kind of approach as this professor from a Telecom university.

“Our students find English Addicts a nice change from the routine of the regular classroom.  They [are exposed] to a wide array of accents and variants of English, which helps overcome the fact that they only have one English teacher, with one accent and dialect. On the days we use the multimedia rooms, students arrive in class and begin working at their own pace through a lesson. If they finish ahead of time, they can work on other lessons, which is good, because it allows them to choose lessons on topics that interest them” -Aimée

We also have quite a few universities using English Addicts within their Edmodo set-up, allowing thousands of students access to our lessons.


Private language schools

Ker Maria, a private school running intensive English courses uses English addicts in a warmer session, language lab, and finally in a group session.

“For us, it has reduced our preparation time and given the students a more complete range of high quality, in-depth individualised exercises. It gives plenty of scope for information transfer and discussion as well as being a springboard to work on grammar. The constant renewal of materials linked to current affairs and the different accents and levels are extremely useful for people in business working with different cultures.” -Suzanne

In the same vein, I think this review by a TESOL PhD researcher is point-on and follows the last quote very well: “One of the major goals of English Addicts is to make you understand the people you speak with, regardless of their accents… This is a real strength of English Addicts. -Jia TESL-EJ


Telephone lessons

One teacher has used it in groups, with individuals, in class, out of class, higher levels, and lower levels, but also for 30-minute telephone lessons: “I benefit because it requires no preparation, barring a quick scan of the lesson she choses, and fills a third of the lesson very efficiently. It also really helps to cut down the dreaded teacher talking time!” -Philip


Have you used English Addicts in a different way than mentioned above?

You know I’d love to hear how, so please do share in the comments!

- Cheers, Brad

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