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Every Saturday I go to the local market and I know very well why I go…

1) The produce is better and a cook like me knows how important that is.

2) The folks that sell it depend on their direct clients and there’s a more colorful relationship than with the supermarket around the corner.


Also, one my favorite thing about these local markets relationship is the “freebies“, or the age-old offer of a taste of watermelon, ya know that “try these new strawberries I got in”, or the, “well you’ve bought so much fish, I’m going to throw in an extra lemon“.

Is it the same at your market?  ;-)


My team at Edulang and I have decided to do the same, well, at least for our VIP clients and one of them might very well be you, the current reader of this blog!!!  For any teacher that’s interested in having free access to one of our applications, please write me here, and I’ll be happy to set you up so you can see if it’s a good fit for your students.

Oh, and the good news is that if you decide to incorporate any of Edulang’s applications or recommend them to your students, they are pay-what-you-want with half of the proceeds donated to charity… don’t you wish it was like that at your local market! ;-)


7 ESL web applications for you to choose from!!!

1) English Addicts

How is your students’ English comprehension?  What do you think is most important to improve it?

Do you think they could easily understand someone from Britain, the US, Ireland, South Africa… how about a German, French or Russian… what about someone from North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula, Japan, India or China?

That is barely scratching at the surface of the diversity of accents in the daily authentic English news stories in English Addicts, each with 10 unique activities to engage learners with topics ranging from Business, to Entertainment, Environment, Health, Technology and political issues.  The emphasis is on listening and each activity advances in a pedagogically solid way.

Also, We’ve carefully designed English Addicts so both teachers and students can track their daily progress while exploring the 1600 lessons available. Plus, each lesson has a discussion/speaking tasks PDF for teachers to practice any of the topics/vocabulary addressed.


2) Test Simulator TOEIC® and TOEFL®

Your students want a better score on their standardized tests so they can get a better job, or go to school abroad.  OF COURSE, you want to help them, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit their and score their sample tests for them, OR you might even wonder if  taking tests in class is a good use of your and their precious preparation time.

Keep preparing your students in ways a computer never could, and then let them practice a few test simulations with our apps which will also help them discover important hints, get used to the test structure and typical questions, and all the while track their progress (and you can track it too).


3) ECE

The Edulang Certificate of English is a great and affordable way to test your students, be they at their home, in the classroom, or really anywhere!   This 100% online test can provide a TOEIC® equivalent score and Edulang is happy to produce authenticated certificates with each student’s photo and score.

It might be the perfect solution to pre and post-test students after an intensive course or to simply provide them with an accurate assessment of their English at anytime along their path.


4) Gramster 1 and 2

Do you enjoy teaching Grammar?  Some of us teachers do, some of us don’t, but we all know that “telling students the rules” once is far from enough, and maybe supplementing some of your lessons with our two Grammar apps might just be the way to help engrain the rules through a number of interactive exercises.  You could use them in class or for homework.  Give Gramster a try and see what you think!

5) Vocabster

Daily vitamins, or daily vocabulary?  Depends on what you’re taking care of, and if acquiring a higher level of English is your students’ goal, you can check out if Vocabster is a right fit for their needs.



I can’t wait to hear which of the applications is your cup of tea. Again feel free to shoot me an email for more info, or likewise, any teacher who enrolls on our find-a-teacher page gets free access to all applications immediately.


Cheers, Brad

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  • Tyson Seburn

    Another nice community initiative, Brad.

  • phil

    Hard choice that mate. I’ve been using EA for ages for homework but just started incorporating it in a 121. My 67 year old student couldn’t understand it at the beginning but by the final dictation got it all right.

    I’ve also been getting into gram/vocabster. Very handy to just whip out when you realise a student needs some language work.

    Having used TOEFL Sim I wouldn’t even bother opening a book again.

    So,,,I’d recommend all of them perhaps.

  • Aaron Nelson

    This is a great idea, Brad! I can’t wait to get started working with you.

  • Brad Patterson

    Cheers, Aaron. Just shoot me an email and I’d be happy to set you up ;-)

  • Brad Patterson

    haha, i hear ya, Phil, and I appreciate all the Recs too!

    Shoot me an email if you’d like to try out ECE. -brad

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks Ty!

  • Aaron Nelson

    You bet! I’m just configuring Paypal to play nicely with my bank system. Hopefully in two weeks max we’ll be starting. :)

  • Brad Patterson

    Very cool! Keep me posted with how i can help, Aaron. Cheers!

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