Greetings from China (and a few fun photos)


Ever since I was little I wanted to travel and learn as many languages as I could, and I’ve definitely moved forward in that adventure over the past 15 years.  Wonderful journées ;-)

I’m currently in China for a week interpreting for my family business (violins), and it’s such a pleasure to be surrounded by this language and culture again.

If you didn’t already know I lived here for 3 years and really, really enjoyed it and soaked up quite a bit of Mandarin, learning enough to communicate and certainly crack a few jokes; it’s a very unique rapport to have with Chinese folks that don’t speak English, and who 99% of the time have almost never ever chatted with a foreigner before… so it amounts to fun conversations, and often a bit of basketball too ;-)

BUT, I wasn’t a “studious” learner and even if I can write text messages and emails in Chinese, I could never translate our website, for example.  For that, luckily I have a friend here whose English is great and with whom I’ve been collaborating to bring my team’s efforts to China.  Edulang in 中文  coming very soon with special thanks to Sudan!

And if you haven’t caught it our Japanese version of, please do think of someone you might know in Japan who could be interested in checking it out and sharing.  Our Test Simulator app should be the “steal of the century” there for $1 and more if folks want to contribute to our efforts and Room to Read.

I think it’s so cool to see me smiling with some Japanese to the right courtesy of Misako’s wonderful translation (THANKS AGAIN MISAKO!!!).


Just a quick post to say “ni hao” from China and to wonder for a moment at how small the world has become in such a short time.  Never would I have imagined myself communicating with thousands of people the world over, almost every day, and learning so much.

Ain’t it amazing?



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  • Shaune Peebles

    Nice one, Brad…  Go have some 饺子 for me!  Safe travels back… :)

  • Brad Patterson

    Oh… you said it all in two characters!  饺子

    Thanks.  Been a quick but good one.  Nice to bump into ya here.  Cheers, Brad

  • Marisa Pavan

    Salut Brad!

    Keep enjoying yourself there!

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks Marisa.  I promise I will ;-)

  • Naomi Epstein

    Great pics! I wonder how they pronounce your name, from what I understand the letter “r” is problematic over there!
    Have a safe trip!

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks Naomi.  

    Few of my friends here call me Brad, though yes, the r’s can be hard.  Different sound indeed.  Before they called me “bread” in Chinese = mian bao (面包)。But I’ve since changed my name keeping part of the bread (包)and added “virtue” after it ;-)  —- 包德   “bao de”.  Aw, it’s a fun language.

  • Tyson Seburn


  • Brad Patterson

    merci Ty!!!  hope to catch up soon.  been a whirlwind for me for about a month.

    cheers, b

  • Chiew Pang

    What’s that you were making there? Some  mini  面包? That was copied should you think I’ve suddenly learned to write Chinese, haha. Some kind of dumplings, perhaps? 

  • Brad Patterson

    Oui, oui yummy, yummy dumplings!!!  By far my fav chinese food ever.

    I’ve never asked how come you didn’t learn Chinese if you grew up near Singapore?  Pray tell… or should I add that to your hotseat questions?  ;-)

  • Chiew Pang

    Not surprised re: dumplings as they’ve got a thousand ways of making them!
    You can add that question to the doc – you’ll never know, maybe it’ll be answered ;-)

  • Brad Patterson

    mwah haha. just added it and another ;-)

  • Louise Alix Taylor

    As I child I was able to speak some Cantonese but it’s all gone now (bar about 3 words!). I wish I had time to pick it up again, it’s a fascinating language and culture! You’re very lucky, Brad – and better still, it seems that you’re aware of and grateful for your ‘luck’ = I think that’s a rare quality!

  • Brad Patterson

    Ahh… thanks for the kind words, Louise. I do consider myself very lucky.
    Languages don’t necessarily come easily, but they certainly can disappear easily, can’t they! Cheers, b