How are you teaching English to your own #esl children?


Image courtesy of Linda Spashett via Wikicommons

One of the coolest things about our new Pay What You Want program is the great number of new learners coming in, and the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting… like this cute little video from a French family thanking us!!!  #LOVEit



The family explained that these two young brothers are training for tennis competitions, attending school, and also want to add English on the side.  They needed something easily accessible, interesting, and with pedagogical tasks they could do on a quick, regular basis.

Of course we’re happy they chose English Addicts and it was nice to know that the parents said they could just leave their children to their efforts, as, after a week of guiding them, they became 100% autonomous.


Seeing this video made me wonder how Non-native English-teaching parents are sharing language with their children… and what about their local friends who might not master English as well, but know how valuable English has become for their children’s future?


What are your thoughts?

What are you or your friends doing?

Who’s going online?


Excited to hear how it is for you and your families.  —Cheers, Brad


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  • Marisa Pavan

    Hi Brad!

    How rewarding it must be for you to receive comments from those benefitting from your program! It’s great to see those independent learners in action.

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Marisa,

    Yeah, it’s really cool, especially to see them in action both on the tennis court AND learning ;-) Thanks for sharing! -Brad

  • teach english online

    This type of interactive things is good for the students as they are learning English on other sides with their activities and learn English online is the best way which can be benefited and less time with our activities.Thanks 

  • Brad Patterson

    Glad you liked it!  Thank you.