How do #ESL students find a teacher online?


Did you know that every 48 hours we produce as much content as the entire human race did from the birth of history to 2003?

Yep.  5 extabytes to be precise.  Last year, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google blew us all away with this fact, saying that people weren’t “ready” for the technological revolution ahead, and that the pace was only going to increase.  Scare tactics? ;-)

Things are moving fast these days, and there’s just SO MUCH out there!  So, the big question is “how do we find quality“?

With that I mind I’ve been wondering how ESL online students are facing the similar challenge of an overload of options to learn English (some great, some mediocre, and some a huge waste of time)?

I would guess that learners are facing the challenge the same way as teachers, and the big buzz word that points towards the answer is CURATION (and these days that often means social sharing/word-of-mouth too).  Likewise, that’s Edulang’s answer to helping students learn more effectively— beyond developing our own materials— as we are now helping students using our applications find teachers or language trainers that we know and approve of.

Here are our first 5 VIP teachers on the list, and if you’d like to join them, please send me an email (brad at telling me a bit more about how/what you’re teaching and I’ll let you know what we need to bring you on board.

EXCITING times!!!!  and thanks Shaune, Anna, Phil, Anne and Eric!

;-) Brad



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  • John at TestSoup

    Sifting through all the noise and finding valuable resources is the newest kind of literacy. I really hope we do a good job teaching this in schools…

  • MyEnglishTeacher

    Like our VIP Private English teachers. :)

  • How do #ESL students find a teacher online? | academic literacy development |

    [...] How do #ESL students find a teacher online?  [...]

  • Brad Patterson

    Great point, John. Discovery and sharing has become so powerful that in addition to an overload of content, we don’t reach that much further to find ‘better than convenient’ or ‘deeper resources than wikipedia’, or English-language learning resources.

    In this light, I really enjoyed Wikipedia’s founder’s response to the question in fact…

  • Brad Patterson

    We do too! Thanks for stopping by. -Brad

  • Cecilia Lemos

    B, great post! Carla Arena has been presenting about curating internet content for ELT learners.. you might want to get in touch with her :-)

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey CC! Merci for the tip. I’ll check in with Carla. Great idea. Cheiro ;-) -b