How English learners can learn to READ their testing FUTURE


Have you ever played with that Mattel fortune-telling ball called the 8-ball®?


Ya know— Ask a question, any question…. then shake it… and then magically it will randomly give you 1 of 20 answers that will amuse most children or even teens all day long.

EX:  ”Will I be teaching Oral English again this semester?”… shake, shake… “Outlook good!”

Ever thought of bringing it into the classroom?  I did and I promise you that any activity working with questions will immediately become more entertaining ;-)  (oh and if you can’t find a real 8-ball… there’s an app for that!… and a website! )


BUT WHY is it so entertaining?


Humans LOVE the future, just as much as they love trying to predict it (a word whose etymology of course means “before say”).   Both fear and excitement are extremely powerful emotions very closely linked that which might possibly come.  So whaddya we do— we predict so we can prepare which helps us feel psychologically ready for what might come.


I was thinking about this as one of the teachers using Edulang’s Test Simulator said that it was not only a great way to prepare, but also a great way to predict what his students would score when they took the TOEFL® test:


“My favourite feature of the Edulang TOEFL product is that it is at the same level of difficulty as the real iBT TOEFL test by ETS.  When I mark my students with their online system, both the student and I have a good idea of what the score will be when they take the real test. That way, test day holds no surprises for either of us.”  Jeff at L2Accent


One of the best things about designing a tool like Test Simulator is when folks say such nice things about your work.  Here’s a tip of the hat to my team at Edulang as I hear something nice almost every week, and it’s a pleasure to be the one who hears all the compliments! ;-) My recent favs:


“Test Simulator was really helpful for me. I took 2 of the practice exams the day before my TOEIC® test and got a 925 on the real one!!!  I’ve told many of my friends because 1) it was inexpensive 2) very useful. THANKS!”
-Germain (United States)

“We got our TOEIC® results back, and the average increase was 27% from last year!  I’m convinced that having Test Simulator made a big big difference for them (and for me).” -Shaune, English teacher (Italy) 

“I found your website when I googled mock exams for the TOEIC® test.  Your three exams have been very useful to me.  Thanks!”  Sergio (Venezuela)


Here’s my current prediction for the future… 1) I’ll keep getting nice compliments on our apps (even if I’m not the one who deserves them!) ;-)  2) if you’re a teacher helping students prepare for the TOEIC® or TOEFL® tests, Test Simulator will help them predict and improve their score, so feel free to check it out here!


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  • Elise Liron

    It’s a great way to make the american way of teaching, that I appreciate a lot, give it’s qualities to people who are getting better in english, not in the US

  • Brad Patterson @ Kwaga

    Thanks Elise!