My blogroll Revamped !





I’m still a newbie in the blogosphere and continue to discover great blogs all the time.  Which begs the question: With so much out there, how does one find “quality” ?

Enter PLN, and a way of bringing learning to your doorstep without really having to wander very far at all.  #AMAZING    Find out more about some of my PLN here

Enter Blogroll and personal recommendations to your community.  As my blogroll had started to gather cobwebs, I’ve done a bit of fall-cleaning.  CHECK ‘EM OUT  !!!




AND NOW, I have one simple request:

Could you  introduce me to a blog you enjoy that I haven’t shared ?

PS  I’d love a link to a specific blog post in the comments below… merci !!!


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  • Mike Harrison

    Just the ticket here: Magpie Moments by Anna Great blog documenting her lessons with low level (inc. prelit) ESOL students, taking ideas, plans, materials, anything and documenting what she does with it in class. I think you’d like it.


    Mike =)

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks Mike !

    I think I had heard of it chez EnglishRaven, but now taking a better look.  

  • Naomi Epstein

    You have just given me another resourse to delve into – I am only familiar with some of the blogs! Always learning something new on THIS blog!
    I second Mike’s recommendation about the Magpie’s blog, though she hasn’t been posting recently – excellent!
    Thanks for including me!

  • sabridv

    Hi Brad! I have just come across this new blog: You may find it interesting. Kisses and hugs.

  • Brad Patterson

    Merci 4 the kind words, Naomi. Everyone should check out your blog !  Refreshing, always new angles and your teaching population is unique so you really do have something different to share. I’m a big fan !    Cheers, b

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Sabrina !

    Thanks for the REC.  Just now checking it out and some great ideas for the classroom.  Cheers (and besos tambìen ;-)

  • Jcordova

    Hi Brad, I am a newbie when it comes to the blogoshpere.  My job is to mentor new teachers hired to our school division.  I believe that building a PLN is one of the most accessible ways for people to learn and improve professionally and want to encourage our new teachers to “grow their PLN”.   I have started a blog for the new teachers in our school division.  I have read so many amazing blogs and feel somewhat intimidated by the quality of the work.  This is new for me and I hope to develop my blogging skills.  You can check us out at  I would love to get any feedback or suggestions you may have.  PS.  How did you create the revolving word cloud on the bottom right hand corner?  It is awesome.

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks for the comment, Julie !

    First off, the little cloud is a wordpress plugin:  I saw that you all are on blogger… not sure if there’s something similar on that platform.

    I only started blogging a few months ago and have really enjoyed the journey.  If you’re writing your blog for new teachers, then it might be interesting to hear what they’d like to read about, or what their concerns are.  It’s not even necessarily important to produce “original” content, but to find someone else’s great post on PLN for example, and then expand to your context.

    Took a spin of your new site and looks good.  Best of luck with the new term !  Cheers, brad

  • David Dodgson

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll (though the odd rant aside, I don’t see myself as a ‘discussion-oriented’ blogger).

    Ome great blog I’ve discovered recntly by another Englishman also based in Ankara is – tough to pick one post to start you off with as there’s plenty of food for thought there!


  • Lazyteacher1

    Hi Brad,

    I’m kinda new to all this blogging and tweeting so this list of blogs to read is great, thanks.

    Sure has saved me a lot of searching! :)

  • Brad Patterson

    Glad u find it helpful !   Cheers ;-)

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Dave-

    Shall we throw you over into that rambuncious bunch of “comment @  blogs” ? :)

    I just found Tony’s blog yesterday and oddly enough it was on your blog that I saw him mention another post of his.  Go figure !  And I agree, plenty of food 4 thought.

  • seburnt

    Thanks, Brad (though my last name doesn’t have a T–that’s actually my first initial tagged on the end there for Twitter).

    I think you have the majority of blogs I keep going.  Danika Barker’s ( is the only one off the top of my head.  She’s not ELT though.

  • Brad Patterson

    Cheers   (aha… no T… gotchya !)

    Checked out Danika’s blog.  Very nice indeed.  Merci 4 the rec.

  • Berni Wall

    Thank you Brad. Some great resources here and a timely reminder that all the stuff on the side needs regular pruning too! Must check mine out!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the mention. I hope this post inspires some other bloggers to spruce up their blog rolls too (hint hint) ;-)

  • Sue Lyon-Jones

    Cheers for adding me Brad, and for reminding me that my blogroll is badly in need of attention!

    Here’s my recommendation for  a blog that I don’t think has had a mention yet, that I think you and your readers will enjoy:

    The Island Weekly, by Anne Hodgson


  • Brad Patterson

    de rien, mr teacher james !

  • Brad Patterson

    Just stopped by Anne’s site.  Wow… as I think you said once, it’s surprising to uncover gems you’d never even heard of !  Thanks for the the rec ;-)

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Anne-

    Thanks for the kind words. I just stopped by your blog (by Sue Lyon Jones REC below) and am very impressed.  Likewise, I think you’ve done a nice job or organizing your blog roll.  So much out there, isn’t there !

    It is true that the PLN takes us to magnificent places we wouldn’t see otherwise.  I’ve always become quite fond of Summify for this reason— as it averts us to those “most tweeted” stories we may have missed.

    Cheers, Brad

  • Brad Patterson

    cheers ;-)  There is a tree-like feel to blogrolls… their roots connect us all, and a bit of pruning every now and again feels necessary.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much Sue :)

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