My Fall Professional Development Reading… and yours ?


Here’s mine.  What’s yours ?

The Power of Babel by John McWhorter

Teaching Unplugged by Scott Thornsbury and Luke Meddings

The Unfolding of Language by Guy Deutscher

Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki

Helping Students Motivate Themselves by Larry Ferlazzo

AD INFINITUM, a Biography of Latin by Nicholas Ostler

Cultual Intelligence by David C. Thomas


I don’t think I’ll get ‘em done by the first snow, but I’ll keep you posted ;-)  And lucky me… running out the door to have breakfast with Cecilia Lemos !  Cheers, brad



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  • Vicky Loras

    Hi Brad!

    Awesome books – interesting topics! I have not read that Deutscher book, I have read Through The Language Glass, which I loved very much!

    My reading this period is German grammar and vocabulary : ( Sad face because my college is offering us PD courses next March which is awesome, but they are all in German! So I have to reach near-academic level, which I think is impossible, but thankfully I have the support of my director : )

    Yay for breakfast with Ceci! Have a great time : )


  • Anonymous

    Looks like an interesting collection, will you add a review when you’ve finished them? I’m very interested in “Helping students to motivate themselves.” and I read teaching unplugged over the summer. 

  • Betty Carlson

    Aha! Teaching unplugged was part of last fall’s professional development reading for me, and it really helped me, although I don’t agree with everything in it. This fall I ordered 3 more Delta books — the Business English teaching one, “The Creative Teacher,” and the one about professional development.

  • Larry Ferlazzo

    Hi, Brad,

    Hope you enjoy my book!  Any feedback is appreciated…


  • Brad Patterson

    Sounds like it could be challenging, but you’re a polyglot learning champ, so I’m sure you’ll dig right in.  Glad to hear that you have the support of your school and director.  
    Breakfast with CC was funnnnn.   See you in a few days !   cheers, b

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Chris.  I’ll do my best.  Sometimes finding time just to read can be a challenge !  That being said, I think a number of these books will fit into future posts.  I’d be happy to share the gems of wisdom that I discover along the way.

    Cheers, Brad

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Betty-

    First off, will you be at TESOL france ?  If so, I hope to meet up.  Always fun to meet up with other local teachers and folks active on twitter.  I’m excited to read Teaching Unplugged as I’ve been reading a bunch of dogme blogs (Scott and Luke’s included) the past year and am interested to see how the book defines the approach differently.  Cheers, Brad

  • Brad Patterson

    Hi Larry-

    The title alone is motivating for teachers to read !  Look forward to getting started and I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks again for making it available to me and for the care and expertise you’ve brought to my question for Education Week.   Cheers, Brad

  • Tyson Seburn

    Ok, I’m posting my jealousy over you lot being at TESOL France together everywhere on the internet that I can.  Now that that’s out of the way, looks like a fun list.  My list is monopolised by what I’m recommended to read:  It’s all good though.

  • Brad Patterson

    wow… that’s quite a list.  

    look forward to the masterful passing on of knowledge through association with you on the various net streams.  we oui.  And be not jealous.  You had your toronto tesol convention… only fair ;-)

  • Vicky Loras

    Thanks Brad! You give me a lot of courage. Have been a bit worried over it. But happy to have support from lots of people : )

    I have added Ad Infinitum to my Amazon Wishlist ; ))) Thanks for all the recommendations!

    See you…the day after tomorrow! Whoop!


  • Brad Patterson

    whooooop whooooop !  It’s gonna be fun ad inifinitum !    

  • Mike Hogan

    Hi Brad,

    Some great books there and I look forward to revisiting this post soon when I can find the time to do some more reading. As the rest of us, I imagine, I’m currently reading a number of books, jumping back and forth between them, trying to stop the dust from settling. 

    I’m finding ’The Naked Presenter’ by Garr Reynolds very good, not only for myself when giving workshops and presentations but also for my Business English learners when helping them with and giving them tips for their presentations. It’s worth a look!

    All the best and looking forward to seeing you and the other for TESOL  France. (sorry you can’t make it Tyson).


  • Brad Patterson

    The naked presenter, huh ? ;-) Merci 4 the tip, Mike and I Look forward to hearing more about it in person in just a few days !

  • Tyson Seburn

    Poo.  You have a whole host of people in France visiting you.  Tara, Carolyn & Shelly were amazing visits, but I need you, Ceci and those other blokes and gals too.

  • Brad Patterson

    you’re just complaining and really taking the opportunity to say poo.  i say “pee” in return.  ;-)  I’m sure we’ll all find sometime to gather in the next few years.  It’s inevitable.  

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