Quick blog challenge from @adaptivelearnin


Who doesn’t like a challenge, especially a good ol’ blog challenge !


These days there seem to be SO MANY to choose from !  I’m excited about answering Vicky Loras’s “What’s Your Story” challenge and joining the 20+ who have shared.  Likewise, I hope to do a language plant as I’m excited about David Warr’s new language plant maker, and his challenge to PLN to start making their own plant creations.

However, today I’m going to reach beyond what is my core PLN to a blogger who’s been sharing wonderful resources and whom you might not have crossed paths with.  Beth Crumpler at Adaptive Learnin’ challenged her readers to give Tagxedo (much like wordle) a whirl and to create a word cloud with their twitter profile or blog.  Feel free to join in and do check out Beth’s blog for interesting EdTech posts.


Voilà mine:

(your name might’ve popped up… can’t figure out how it choose ‘em, but there they are)

Blog word cloud


Twitter Word Cloud


I think both demonstrate how my online presence is community-oriented, how it’s personal through connections with other educators and how there’s quite a bit of joy and fun in the process.  It also shows a language geek side, and how I’m exchanging mostly with ELT teachers around the world.  I dig it !


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  • http://twitter.com/naomishema Naomi Epstein

    You can see many different things here, such as how you thank everyone (in two languages) ! On the funny side – I wonder what
    Sylvester” is “responsible” for (first blog cloud, bottom left) LOL!!!

  • http://twitter.com/adaptivelearnin Beth Crumpler

    Brad thanks for taking the challenge.  I’m so thrilled and excited about the results I’m seeing.  I think it definitely builds community and your clouds definitely show you have an active full online community network and collaboration.  Love it!  It is fascinating seeing the results.  I often know what I blog or Tweet about, but to see it it context like this is cool and shows who we are.  I love how we all can learn more about each other through this challenge.  Very cool!  I’m probably going to network, ask questions, and so on with you and other ESL teacher in our PLN soon.  Next week I begin a job I today accepted teaching ESL for English Language Services for international university students.  This is exciting but a huge step for me.  It is an intensive English language program which is new for me.  I will need support and guidance with some writing, TOEFL preparation and grammatical lesson ideas.  Just an FYI for you and any other ESL/EFL/ETL teacher reading this.  Thanks for taking the time to do this!  Cheers! Beth

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    that is funny… it’s Karenne SYLVESTER and the magic of word clouds is the randomness they bring to the table.  I’d noticed the merci and thanks too… i think folks like hearing a lil’ merci every now and again— pushing my world onto the world ;-)

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    Hey Beth. 

    Thanks again for the challenge and your kind words here.  I hope you start off your new job on the right foot.  I have 2 posts coming soon that will be perfect for you !  One for TOEFL and another for how to make a great first impression with new students.

    Definitely shoot questions to the PLN.  I’ve always been amazed at the response you can get.  Folks like helping, just as much as they like sharing their experience.  You’re empowering them by asking them to share, so GO FOR IT !

    Again, best of luck with your new job, or as we say in France, BON COURAGE !

  • http://twitter.com/seburnt Tyson Seburn

    Cool, and sounds familiar: http://fourc.ca/my-blog-wordlefied/

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    Like the style of your wordle, Ty !  

    Indeed, i had heard of it, but A Journée in Language JUST had JUST published its first blog post the same week as Dave’s challenge (late March).  Oh lordy… it’s been a very interesting ride since ;-)     cheers, b

  • http://twitter.com/adaptivelearnin Beth Crumpler

    Thanks Brad.  I appreciate it.  I will definitely check out your posts.  I am subscribed to your blog, so I will see them when they come.  I will also definitely shoot probably many questions to the PLN.  Thanks again!  And, yes people do like hearing a little merci now and again.  As an American I like to hear international words from all over the world.  American English words just get boring.  :)  

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    Cheers !  Look forward to more dialogue, and hopefully help or share any Qs you might have.  Bonne nuit from china !   or as they say here 晚安 = “evening peace”

  • http://twitter.com/seburnt Tyson Seburn

    There’s bound to be repeated opportunities to join in the challenges thanks to enthusiastic individuals out there. =)

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  • http://twitter.com/adaptivelearnin Beth Crumpler

    I didn’t even know there was a similar challenge.  I just saw the word cloud from my Twitter profile and came up with the challenge. Cool and interesting there was already a similar one in March.  It’s a good exercise for anyone to do.  My husband inspired me. 

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