Rockin’ EFL Teachers in France you should know about


This week I was in the spotlight for an interview on you You Can Teach English, and I think it’s the perfect opportunity for me to shine back that spotlight on a number of teachers here in France that deserve that and more!


First, the Tesol France crew who put on a spectacular conference last week!


Of course the amazing Bethany Cagnol… I feel like she actually has a hidden twin or even 2 triplets that do half of what she does because honestly, she’s all over the place and rocks at everything she does. Tesol France President, teacher, ELT writer, freelancer, overseeing the development of Education apps… she’s got many titles and make sure you’re meeting her at conferences, following her on twitter, and here’s her blog as well.

Debbie West will be taking over as Tesol France president this year, and is also a power freelancer in Paris.  Here’s her site, and while she’s not as present on social media, you’ll certainly bump into her at all the wonderful TESOL events for the years ahead!  Check out Debbie’s website here (love it).


Ros Wright, a past president of Tesol France certainly stays very active in the organization (hint, hint Bethany ;-) ), and is also a teacher and writer here in Paris.  Here she is live in an interview with Strasbourg coordinator, Jane Ryder during last year’s conference.


Also someone I’ve met through Tesol France, Eric Halverson, oversees ELT at the corporate office at SFR, a telecom provider here in France.  I enjoyed this interview with Eric for the BESIG blog, and make sure you’re linked up with Eric online as well here and on his blog.


Those are the folks I bump into most often, but it certainly doesn’t make up the whole team— kudos as well to James Beneson, Colleen Brown, Françoise Brown, John Cagnol, Vera Dickman, Federico Espinosa, Gillian Evans, Christine Mintcheva, Denny Packard, Sophie Pietrucci, Shehada Reardon, Christina Rebuffet-Broadus, and Laurence Whiteside here.  Oh… and if you are curious about working in France, I do have a couple of pointers in the article mentioned at the top, and here is a great jobs list with nearly daily offers for work in France (thanks to Denny Packard).


OTHER ROCKIN’ TEACHERs in France (that I know personally) and who are great people to add to your PLN: Divya Brochier, Phil Wade (in la Réunion), Elizabeth Anne, Mura Nava, Anna Cook, Amelie Silvert, Eric Schaftlein


Keep rockin’ mes chers professeurs d’anglais en France! ;-)

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