#RSCON3 Wrap-up = 100-teacher SURVEY results and recordings


PLN is so much more than 3 letters and without my own, I doubt I would have presented at #RSCON3, written a survey that so many responded to, or now be sharing our crowdsourced knowledge with you.  Very cool indeed.

With your PLN, you give a little, you get a little, and somewhere along the way you get A LOT.  Ceci has used a beautiful metaphor in her most recent postthe secret garden

Credit to Rob Farrow for image


Before I share the survey results, and my #RSCON3 recording, I’d like to thank all of those who took the survey, who spread it around, who came to the presentation, the organizers that brought it all together.  It was an amazing learning experience for me, and I hope it’s served as a nice reflection for you as well.

MERCI MERCI !!!   >>>>>>

Shelly Terrell, Clive Sir, Melissa Tran, Lisa Dabbs, Steve Hargadon, Cecilia Lemos, Chris Rogers, Mark Barnes, Chiew Pang, Ian Chia, Jerry Blumengarten and many more !

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…. Without further ado, the full survey results:


Finally, click below to view all of the #RSCON3 sessions.  I’m slowly catching up and it’s amazing to learn from the experience of so many of the educators I have come to respect:


Below is my recording if you haven’t seen it yet.  Post-presentation, I blogged about my nervous inner dialogue— how I wasn’t sure if it went well.  Now that I’ve heard it, I’m pleasantly surprised at how it seemed to have gone well.   Fun to also see the interactivity and comments that I missed as I was busy presenting.  Merci again to all !

MY RECORDING (automatically downloads a file that will open elluminate/recording)


Who’s looking forward to #RSCON4 ????

Cheers, b


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  • Cecilia Lemos

    I am!!!!!!! :-) Thanks for the shout-out B. I love the metaphor too!

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    moi aussi !

  • seburnt

    I went to your session (after the fact, though it certainly feels live when watching the recordings) and really enjoyed what you had to say abo0ut sharing values in the classroom.  I know that in my 20s, I was much more forthright about my opinions on every topic since in Korea, I was faced with such opposition in terms of what I believed that I felt it was my obligation to try and change the world.  Ultimately, I realised it was largely futile.

    After doing TESL training, I started removing myself from offering opinions in class, rightly or wrongly.  Now, as a teacher significantly older than my students, I’ve tried to find a balance between total distance and intimate engagement, often making use of the more indirect methods of inserting opinions like those in #3.

    It’s always something worth reflecting on though, for sure.

  • http://blog.edulang.com Brad Patterson

    “find a balance between total distance and intimate engagement”
    i wish i had said that !  ;-)  Thanks for watching the recording and giving some great feedback here.

    Floating between objectivity and subjectivity is another way I see it, and it’s the intimate part that can be honest and personal without “pressure”.  It’s a very subtle game, and playing it any other way than subtle can jeopardize trust, though, playing it right gains quite a bit of trust and respect.

    Man… I miss the classroom… been trying to recruit a few more private students so that I don’t get rusty !      Cheers, b  

  • seburnt

    I miss the classroom too, after having coordinated a program for the last four months.  Thankfully I’ll be back into it in September once the academic year begins again.  It’s often the case–we just want back in.

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