Standing on our PLN’s shoulders #tesolfr


“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”

-Issac Newton

Matt Leddings and moi during our “street performance” at TESOLfr (and Matt was the GIANT at Open Mic !!!)


I’m still swimming through all of the ideas from the wonderful workshops I attended this past weekend at TESOL France.  BIG BIG APPLAUSE to Bethany, Debbie, Ros, Gillian and the rest of the TESOL France team for their hard work and great success !

Before I share my post-conference reflections (prob thurs/fri… sitting with them a bit), I would like to thank my PLN with whom I’ve found a community, a place to explore and share and with whom I’ve learned so much.  If I’ve seen further, it’s because I’m standing on your shoulders, and I hope my efforts help prop you up too!


Below, they may just be names on a blog, but these are cherished people who have really paved my path this last year !



Missed lovely Anna in the photo as she was taking it !


Bethany, Shelly, CC, Vicky Whoop whoop, Matt “Sexy Juggler” Ledding, both Mike Hs, Anna Musielak, The Teacher James, Dale Coulter, Divya Brochier, Ceri Jones, Willy C, Sandy Millin, Antonia Clare, Vladka, Luke Meddings, Chuck Sandy, Rakesh, Marisa, Sue Lyon Jones, Sue Annan, Isil and Beyza, Elizabeth Anne, Weronika Sal, Valentina Dodge…

AND TO THE PLN I just met !!!  Julie Raikou, Fiona Mauchline, Arjana Blazic, Simon Greenall, Steve Muir, Ann Loseva, Ania Kozicka, David Deere, Steve Henneberry, Russel Stannard, Deniz Atesok…


Hope to see you all again very soon !


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  • Language Garden

    Wow, great photos!

  • Brad Patterson

    there are plenty more on facebook… and they get more interesting as the night went on ;-)

  • Deniz Atesok

    it was great meeting you. I look forward to reading your reflections on #tesolfr. Au revoir! – for now :)

  • Brad Patterson

    Thanks for the comment, Deniz and yes it was great to finally meet !

    Reflections are buzzing, buzzing, buzzing…   à bientôt, hopefully ;-)

  • Naomi Epstein

    Aren’t great conferences energizing?! glad you had a great one!

  • Brad Patterson

    They are indeed !  Hope we make it to one together sometime soon, Naomi !

  • Mike Harrison

    What a nice post, Brad!

    It’s seriously cool to be able to be at events like TESOL France, run by amazing, incredible people, and spending time with those we’re lucky enough to connect with nowadays through tinterwebs. They are, as you say, truly cherished. I hope it’s not too long til the next meeting, and that there will be many more to come!

  • Brad Patterson

    Well-said.  Looking forward to the next time already !    

  • Tyson Seburn

    Looking forward to next year’s.  Of course, there’s a certain conference in Toronto between then and now…

  • Brad Patterson

    we oui, and i’m in the same boat as you… where’s that money gonna come from, but Toronto would be a blast.  I have a number of friends there I’d love to see !

  • stevemuir

    Great to meet you and many of the people you mention above. I went to Paris on my own, but was never alone thanks to lovely Twitter people :-)

  • Brad Patterson

    Likewise, Steve.  Had a great time in Matt’s presentation actin’ the fool ;-)  Glad to be connected here, your blog and on twitter too.  Keep in touch.  Cheers, b

  • matt ledding

    Yes, that was a blast, Brad! … in related news, have found “Dave from Spain”… full name, David Deere.  Thought it might be important for the boy band tour.  (He does a mean Tom Jones.)

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  • Brad Patterson

    EXCELLENT info, and yes, we need the Tom Jones angle !  Looking forward to the next time, bud !

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the mention. Always a pleasure, my friend…

  • Brad Patterson

    cheers ! hoping to rumble up that way sometime soon. :-)

  • Anna Musielak

    Brad it was so great to see you again. TESOL France rocks! (And I mean both – the sesssion and the socializing aspect). Glad to be part of your gang:)

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