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What’s new in your classroom this semester?


    Fun question and I can’t wait to hear from the PLN… but first, let’s qualify this question: A classroom typically used to have four walls and 10,  20, or even 400 students.  Nowadays, it can be anywhere and even a joining of many anywheres— your office, your online students’ living rooms or a cybercafé just as much as it can be a traditional classroom or a private school’s one-on-one meeting space. Likewise, when I say something new, I’m not necessarily referring to an object, but it could be that; or, it could be a new type of approach, (…)

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Are your #ESL students hearing diverse input?


    Well… do they? And… well… is really that important? And if they are, where are you getting those ‘diverse’ materials?   For what it’s worth, the data shows that it might just be important; David Graddol’s report English Next states that 75% of interactions in English take place between non-native speakers.   It always make me think of the problem of students understanding the teacher VERY WELL after a few months, but then falling behind a bit with international exchanges with speakers of different accents as described in the paragraph below.     If you’re lacking in a bit (…)

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How English learners can learn to READ their testing FUTURE


  Have you ever played with that Mattel fortune-telling ball called the 8-ball®?   Ya know— Ask a question, any question…. then shake it… and then magically it will randomly give you 1 of 20 answers that will amuse most children or even teens all day long. EX:  ”Will I be teaching Oral English again this semester?”… shake, shake… “Outlook good!” Ever thought of bringing it into the classroom?  I did and I promise you that any activity working with questions will immediately become more entertaining  (oh and if you can’t find a real 8-ball… there’s an app for that!… (…)

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100 words of wisdom from 7 Online ELT Teachers


  Some say that the largest English language school in the world is the one made up of independent teachers like the 7 below.  I thought I’d ask them a very simple question so that we can learn from their experience and shake up a discussion on best practices in online teaching. Here are their 100 words on:     George Machlan of St. George’s Academy of Dragon Slaying and Spoken English “I doubt that I would have listened but here is what I wish someone would have told me: Do not reinvent the wheel, particularly when wheels are free or (…)

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How @Silversal teaches online ESL courses with Edulang’s apps


  HONORED GUEST TODAY:  Sylvia Guinan sharing her experience with our apps!   I have had a very interesting time in the last few months plotting new online courses that exemplify my brain-friendly approach to teaching. One such adventure was my journey with English Addicts, the exciting portal that has excellent news lessons for learners, combined with a philanthropic scope that immediately attracted me to the concept from day one.   What’s English Addicts? If you are not familiar with English addicts yet, you may find it useful to read my first article on the subject which gave my initial (…)

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