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What’s new in your classroom this semester?


    Fun question and I can’t wait to hear from the PLN… but first, let’s qualify this question: A classroom typically used to have four walls and 10,  20, or even 400 students.  Nowadays, it can be anywhere and even a joining of many anywheres— your office, your online students’ living rooms or a cybercafé just as much as it can be a traditional classroom or a private school’s one-on-one meeting space. Likewise, when I say something new, I’m not necessarily referring to an object, but it could be that; or, it could be a new type of approach, (…)

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How @Silversal teaches online ESL courses with Edulang’s apps


  HONORED GUEST TODAY:  Sylvia Guinan sharing her experience with our apps!   I have had a very interesting time in the last few months plotting new online courses that exemplify my brain-friendly approach to teaching. One such adventure was my journey with English Addicts, the exciting portal that has excellent news lessons for learners, combined with a philanthropic scope that immediately attracted me to the concept from day one.   What’s English Addicts? If you are not familiar with English addicts yet, you may find it useful to read my first article on the subject which gave my initial (…)

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Teacher Spotlight: @EnglishAddicts virtually and F2F around the world


    Being the social media manager for Edulang means I have the distinct privelege to be in contact with hundreds of other teachers around the world, which is amazing! I also get to keep tabs more directly on many of them as they are using Edulang’s resources in their diverse contexts.  As their teaching situations vary extensively,  I wanted to share specifically how English Addicts is being put to use as there are quite a few options with the 10 daily activities, in addition to the discussion/speaking/group tasks.   One-on-one business teachers “I use English Addicts with a CEO client in (…)

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READ INTO THE FUTURE: Will you be teaching online in 2020?


  Predicting the future has always been a tricky one…   Last week the post on the future of the teaching profession generated some great discussion. I’ve continued reading up on the topic and saw an interesting research article done with online teachers regarding their opinions on the future of the industry.  The article was published in 2006, but, the best part was that they were making predictions for this next year… ie 2013… ie “were they right!?!” Those surveyed predicted a distinct shift from about one-quarter of classes being blended today to perhaps the vast majority of courses having (…)

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Gramster and Vocabster now online and pay what you want


  How often do you eat breakfast with a swiss army knife? I’m guessing that the answer is “never”, but I’d love to hear otherwise in the comments We most often use specific tools for specific functions. That’s one of the secrets behind Edulang’s greatest successes in materials developing. One of our most specific E-learning tools for grammar and vocabulary has been a huge hit, and when it came out, in less than a year, we had tens of thousands of learners throughout the world.  So cool! Gramster I and II and Vocabster have evolved quite a bit since their release and (…)

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