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Freebies for #ELT professionals


    Every Saturday I go to the local market and I know very well why I go… 1) The produce is better and a cook like me knows how important that is. 2) The folks that sell it depend on their direct clients and there’s a more colorful relationship than with the supermarket around the corner.   Also, one my favorite thing about these local markets relationship is the “freebies“, or the age-old offer of a taste of watermelon, ya know that “try these new strawberries I got in”, or the, “well you’ve bought so much fish, I’m going (…)

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Do you have a teacher’s oath?


  Physicians have an oath, as do lawyers and politicians.  Many organizations have mottos. What about teachers?  And really, what about you? What words or beliefs bound you to your students and to your work? At Edulang, I have the pleasure of meeting teachers from all around the world and many of them seem like truly wonderful people and must be such a pleasure to have as a teacher in the classroom or online. I always wonder if folks have a certain philosophy, promise, a set of words that they hold to, that help guide them… Feel like sharing yours? Pretty (…)

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100 words of wisdom from 7 Online ELT Teachers


  Some say that the largest English language school in the world is the one made up of independent teachers like the 7 below.  I thought I’d ask them a very simple question so that we can learn from their experience and shake up a discussion on best practices in online teaching. Here are their 100 words on:     George Machlan of St. George’s Academy of Dragon Slaying and Spoken English “I doubt that I would have listened but here is what I wish someone would have told me: Do not reinvent the wheel, particularly when wheels are free or (…)

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Why Would a Major International Publisher Resort to Plagiarism?


Imagine a company with thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal, and yet, instead of creating new publications, they plagiarize the work of a small publishing company from Western France with whom they already have a commercial partnership.   It’s hard to believe, and I must admit I was shocked to learn of the controversy brewing between Edulang and ETS Global, a branch of ETS. A first article portraying the incident came out saturday in Le Télégramme and it announced a “war” in the making. In 2006, before choosing to develop 100% English materials, Edulang (…)

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How do #ESL students find a teacher online?


  Did you know that every 48 hours we produce as much content as the entire human race did from the birth of history to 2003? Yep.  5 extabytes to be precise.  Last year, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google blew us all away with this fact, saying that people weren’t “ready” for the technological revolution ahead, and that the pace was only going to increase.  Scare tactics? Things are moving fast these days, and there’s just SO MUCH out there!  So, the big question is “how do we find quality“? With that I mind I’ve been wondering how ESL online students are (…)

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