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Rockin’ EFL Teachers in France you should know about


  This week I was in the spotlight for an interview on you You Can Teach English, and I think it’s the perfect opportunity for me to shine back that spotlight on a number of teachers here in France that deserve that and more!   First, the Tesol France crew who put on a spectacular conference last week!   Of course the amazing Bethany Cagnol… I feel like she actually has a hidden twin or even 2 triplets that do half of what she does because honestly, she’s all over the place and rocks at everything she does. Tesol France President, teacher, (…)

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Win-Win situation, a Test Simulator Success Story


Today’s post is an interview I did with one of our recent Pay-What-You-Want sponsors from Mexico, Guillermo Rueda.  I always send out emails to our new learners and Guillermo and I very quickly established a good rapport, so I felt like asking him a few questions here for the benefit of all.  And off we go!     So, Guillermo, where are you from and how long have you been studying English? I´m from Mexico and I have taken English lessons for about 5 years discontinuosly. Do you use English very often in your day-to-day life. If so how and when? I dont (…)

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Interview with one of our @englishaddicts authors


  This week I had the opportunity to interview one of our English Addicts authors, Aimée Johansen, who is also an English Teacher here in France.  During our exchange, I was reminded of a realization I had at the open mic/talent show at Tesol France this year… We TEFLers are indeed an interesting bunch with wildly diverse backgrounds and all kinds of tricks up our sleeves.  Without further ado, here’s our back n’ forth:   1)  Aimée, I was checking out your teacher profile at Telecom Bretagne and noticed that you completed your doctoral studies with a dissertation on  “The Clause (…)

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@Ozge and her amazing artist kiddies, a PLN interview


  With now close to 20 PLN interviews and more on the way, I decided to do a second interview with a member of the Rockin’ Turkish PLN:   I was really curious about how Ozge got into teaching and twitter. “I was a good student and my mother and father wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, as a teacher’s salary in Turkey isn’t that great.  From a young age, though, I knew I wanted to be in education, like my mom who is a kindergarten teacher.  I did very well on the exam to enter college and (…)

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PLN interviews… who’s next ?


  Introduce us to a great PLN member in your tribe, so we can all get to know each other a bit better.  Peruse some of the gems below, and please keep us posted if you do an interview and we’ll add it to the growing list here @Brad5Patterson         and          @CeciELT don’t CC ceci, send ‘er a TO   @CeciELT       and      @Shellterrell Getting to know a PLN star   @theteacherjames     and       @annamusielak ELT Blog challenge interview with Anna   @seburnt     (…)

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