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Julie’s story: ELT Freelancing in France for over 30 years


  This past week I met Julie Cummings-Debrot, a freelancer with her own company here in Paris – for a cup of coffee and a chat about teaching in France, corporate training and how she’s incorporating blended learning into her courses.   We met at La Défense, the swanky financial district of Paris just after one of her lessons.   We had a nice lil’ chat and afterwards I rode my lil’ folding bike back home to write up some notes to share Julie’s rich experience with us all here!  Without further ado…   So how long have you been (…)

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12 from 12 Blog challenge from @yearinthelifeof


    FIRST OFF, a warm congratulations to Vicky Loras on her 3rd year of blogging!!!  Wild how the time flies by, eh.  I’m 1/2 way there and this is actually my 150th post, and I feel like taking up a challenge by Adam Simpson asking us to highlight our favorite posts from 2012 as he did in 2011. Would love to hear what your top 12 from 12 are as well (hint, hint “challenge”), and without further ado…   1) This year I started venturing more into online teaching and this post I asked for 100 words of wisdom (…)

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2020: The Future Teacher Survey Results


  It’s amazing how much we can learn by simply asking our colleagues what they think. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the survey I pulled together last week as the results have been quite insightful!  Here are responses from 66 folks in the PLN:   Very interesting to note that most teachers see greater change in store for students than for themselves (2 out of 3 teachers think students will be learning more online, but only 1 out 3 teachers think they’ll be teaching more online).   Open responses to the question: If you were to teach (…)

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Who are you… dear reader?


  Ever wonder who reads your blog? I do, and I’d love to know more!!! Obviously I know who comments, but for each person that comments there are probably 10 who stop by and don’t leave one.  Now… I don’t know about you but I’m really curious to know who actually reads what I blog. So, here we go, feel free to share a bit more about who you are!  4 questions is all I’m asking and in return, I give you the photo below for a Friday giggle… Fair trade?   Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the (…)

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Interview with @EnglishAddicts addict, Mikaël Cabon


Today’s post is from a conversation I had with Mikaël Cabon, a journalist from the same region as Edulang, and an English learner who’s giving it his all with English Addicts.  So, without further ado….   So Mikaël, you are a French Journalist. What area in journalism are you most passionate about? First, news is a passion for me. I have read many newspapers and magazines for ages. I wrote my first one when I was ten years old on a white paper, recto-verso, and printed quite a few. Second, I think that I am an average but attentive and (…)

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