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My path to @EnglishAddicts started in an unusual place


  Today’s post comes from none other than the pedagogical inspiration for English Addicts and one of its lesson writers for over 8 years now, Dr. Paul Brett.  In this post he will explain how the jungles of Venezuela and his 30-year path in ELT helped define English Addict’s creation.  ENJOY !!!   -Brad   My path to English Addicts started in an unusual place … one where the Rivers Caroni and Orinoco meet, two day’s drive from the Brazilian border, a day’s drive from the fantastical table-top mountains and jungle of the Gran Sabana, half a day from the (…)

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Is testing online… the next step?


  Ever think of how expensive the international “standardized” English tests are?   Some cost well over $200, require students to travel to specific centers on a fixed date and above all to stress out as they’re in an unknown environment trying to establish their “English value” for potential studies abroad or a better job.  Phew….   And what about those students that don’t have $200?   These issues have been on our mind at Edulang, and we’ve decided to do something about it. This week we’re launching the Edulang Certificate of English.  It is within any student’s budgets as (…)

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ENGLISH for 450 million… and more


  WHO WILL MOST BENEFIT FROM OUR NEW INITIATIVE?     Anyone wanting to learn English, but especially the 450 MILLION PEOPLE who currently don’t have access to superior web applications that will help them master English.   Why 450 million ? Today there are close to 2 billion people using English.  Twenty-five percent of them are actively trying to improve their abilities (500 million), and among those, 9/10 do not have the financial means for formal instruction beyond their scholastic years.  It’s true.  The majority of private schools (Wall Street Institute, English Town, Berlitz…) are beyond the means of (…)

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PLS RT: Pay what you want for our ELT apps and donate to charity


    When was the last time you participated in an effort that you were especially proud of ? … … …   That’s this very moment for me !!!  WAHOO !!!!   Today, my team at Edulang has opened its applications to the whole world of English learners and we’re letting them decide what they want to contribute in return.  Fifty percent of their contributions will go to charity and we’ve chosen Room to Read as the organization we would like to support.   Pay What You Want and Donate to Charity   This direction is both revolutionary and genuinely (…)

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#RSCON3 Wrap-up = 100-teacher SURVEY results and recordings


  PLN is so much more than 3 letters and without my own, I doubt I would have presented at #RSCON3, written a survey that so many responded to, or now be sharing our crowdsourced knowledge with you.  Very cool indeed. With your PLN, you give a little, you get a little, and somewhere along the way you get A LOT.  Ceci has used a beautiful metaphor in her most recent post “the secret garden“ Credit to Rob Farrow for image   Before I share the survey results, and my #RSCON3 recording, I’d like to thank all of those who (…)

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