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Have you heard of “English Addicts” ?


  Many of my ELT friends know about my Android application, which might have something to do with me showing up at IATEFL in a panda costume… umm… yeah…     Though, I’m not sure if you know what else Edulang is up to. We have a number of great e-learning applications, and I’d like to introduce you to one that is currently free to use.  English Addicts is a daily English lesson that improves listening comprehension and builds vocabulary.  Written by 5 seasoned ELT authors, each new lesson has 10 activities based on a hand-picked excerpt from Voice of America. We’ve (…)

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5 reflections on mLearning


Wikipedia’s first sentence about this new field is: “The term M-Learning, or “mobile learning”, has different meanings for different communities” so… what does mobile learning mean to you?   The next 5 points will explore what this field means to me and how I see it evolving. Hopefully this journée(y) will spark a few reflections of your own, and that you’ll choose to share them with us all. NB I will be addressing mlearning in the “anywhere, anytime” context, not the use of mobile devices in the classroom, which I see as quite separate. 1) Etymological roots -MOBILE- We can trace the (…)

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