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12 from 12 Blog challenge from @yearinthelifeof


    FIRST OFF, a warm congratulations to Vicky Loras on her 3rd year of blogging!!!  Wild how the time flies by, eh.  I’m 1/2 way there and this is actually my 150th post, and I feel like taking up a challenge by Adam Simpson asking us to highlight our favorite posts from 2012 as he did in 2011. Would love to hear what your top 12 from 12 are as well (hint, hint “challenge”), and without further ado…   1) This year I started venturing more into online teaching and this post I asked for 100 words of wisdom (…)

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Freebies for #ELT professionals


    Every Saturday I go to the local market and I know very well why I go… 1) The produce is better and a cook like me knows how important that is. 2) The folks that sell it depend on their direct clients and there’s a more colorful relationship than with the supermarket around the corner.   Also, one my favorite thing about these local markets relationship is the “freebies“, or the age-old offer of a taste of watermelon, ya know that “try these new strawberries I got in”, or the, “well you’ve bought so much fish, I’m going (…)

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Why Would a Major International Publisher Resort to Plagiarism?


Imagine a company with thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal, and yet, instead of creating new publications, they plagiarize the work of a small publishing company from Western France with whom they already have a commercial partnership.   It’s hard to believe, and I must admit I was shocked to learn of the controversy brewing between Edulang and ETS Global, a branch of ETS. A first article portraying the incident came out saturday in Le Télégramme and it announced a “war” in the making. In 2006, before choosing to develop 100% English materials, Edulang (…)

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Teacher spotlight: TOEFL® success via @Noreen_Lam


  It’s my pleasure to welcome to the blog, Noreen Lam, a Canadian TEFL professional currently teaching in Spain.  We’ve been corresponding for a few months since she started using Edulang’s Test Simulator app to prepare her TOEFL® students for the big show. Noreen was kind enough to share her and her students’s experience with our materials below, so, without further ado, I’ll hand the mic over to my honored guest!   Having now taught for a few years in Europe, I’ve been pretty much submerged into the world of Cambridge exams, and know all the acronyms and formats pretty (…)

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Student Feedback is Priceless


    How often do you seek your students’ feedback: each semester, weekly, after each class?   In the same vein of thought, when I blogged about the four key factors affecting the business of ELT elearning, one of my main points addressed “collaboration”, and how “materials improvement can now occur in collaboration with teachers and learners which is revolutionary for small companies like Edulang”. Here’s a perfect example:  this past month I’ve been collaborating with a group of software engineering students at SUPINFO, a well-known school in France. Yohan, one of the group leaders, and a number of his (…)

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