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Blog challenge: compare and contrast photo


  Been awhile since I’ve seen any blog challenges… Anne Hodgson posted a quick pic post yesterday and its humor got the ball rolling on a fun idea.  We sent a few tweets back and forth and decided to challenge you to choose two photos to “compare and contrast” something similar but different. Can’t wait to see how creative the PLN is on this one. I took a few minutes and looked backed over my photos and fell on two I felt like sharing. Here’s my great great grandfather and below is me on my 53 vespa with which I (…)

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Need a personal email assistant ? 5 #gmail apps that help


  Have you ever seen this screen before ?     I actually cheated to get there by archiving and then unarchiving a few messages. More than likely we’ve all seen something like this before…. in a digital format   I like following tech news and am a big fan of the updates from The Next Web.  Last month they shot out this article— 13 Gmail Plugins you should try right now.  I gave ‘em the ol’ college try and here are my 5 personal recommendations.   BUT FIRST,  not using gmail? Here is the ONE main reason why you (…)

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Are we taking a step back with elearning in #ESL ?


  I’ve always loved this sign.  You’ll see it in most towns in France:     Translated word-for-word it means, “all directions” and more poetically it could be understood as meaning, “to everywhere”.  In a practical sense, there are SOOOOO many little roads trickled throughout France, that if you were to get lost, you’d need an “everywhere” sign to get you back to um… everywhere   Is this true for language too ? Do all roads lead to Rome ? Are there many ways to ‘skin a cat’ that has got your foreign tongue ?  (sorry…)   Of course…   (…)

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And the audioboo blog contest winners are…


  LAST week i posted a blog contest….. **** Are you early to rise, ……….or do you despise your alarm clock ? The challenge was to create an audioboo to get me outta bed on those “i wanna sleep in” mornings…   now… two lucky contestants will be awarded a very special prize….   drum roll please…     AND the prize was TRULY worth the effort !   BIG merci to everyone that participated, and to Tara for being a good sport AND writing a wonderful book. Greta and James, you’re gonna love it !   I’m sure there’ll be (…)

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My very rational #FF (and cool twitter tools)


  Do you like QUALITATIVE or QUANTITATIVE analyses ? Pour moi, it’s both of course.  Maybe all those Sociology major courses are to blame, but either way, I have to admit it… I’ve really grown to like statistics.  On a completely different tangent, I haven’t really #FFed in a long time, so here’s an effort at killing 2 tweetbirds with one stone: (1) #FFs for awesome PLN (2) Introduce you to a couple of twitter statistic tools with which I’ll determine #FFs ! 1. TwitterCounter…. click for an example of twitter stats à la Bieber… #FF the folks I retweet (…)

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