Two New Edulang #ESL Applications Now Online


What’s the best way to learn English?…

“… To see and hear people using it in practice, to understand it… And to use it yourself!”


This is the catch phrase for our new application, Citizen of the World.


Developed by professors at the University of Wolverhampton this application is slightly different from other Edulang resources as Citizen of the World uses a video approach, pinpointing specific vocabulary needs for a wide range of situations.  All the same, it’s still based on the same pedagogical roots of 1) pre-language exposure, 2) focus while listening/viewing 3) confirming understanding, and then 4) reproduction of new knowledge.

Here’s a peak at exercises from one of the four units of Citizen of the world: Getting Things Done.


Other units address People and Places, Getting around and Modern Living. There are 20 or so activities (40 counting the 2 different levels) within each, an activity is based around a short video with 5 exercises to explore.


Tempted and want to test out Citizen of the World?


Like all Edulang resources, this new application is Pay What You Want. If you’re a teacher, though, we’re happy to offer you a free version of all of our products, and all it takes is a quick registration here and we’ll get you set up!


NOW, the second new application just out this week is none other than…



English for Business also has a video learning format much like Citizen of the World. With 6 units to explore, a business learner will certainly have plenty to discover among… An Introduction to a British Company, Managing Quality, Negotiating, Organising Change, International Marketing and International Sales.

Here is a preview of some of the lessons for Organising Change:


And here you can see how a single lesson (among the many to choose in each unit) is  broken down into 5 different exercises. The exercises themselves vary quite a bit, but this 5-step structure is consistent throughout.



Again, if you’re a teacher, we’d be happy to set you up with a free trial to either of the two applications mentioned today… and really ALL of the ones you see below.

So just shoot on over to our Find A Teacher page, sign up and receive your free applications!!!


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  • Nina Lyulkun

    Hello Brad!
    I feel really confused. I can’t either assign the new trial products to my student nor take a look and experiment with it myself.

  • Brad Patterson

    Hey Nina,

    Hmm… will shoot you off an email. Sure we’ll be able to wrap this confusion up in a few!

    Cheers, b

  • Tyson Seburn

    Looks interesting, Brad. I wonder, where did these videos come from i.e. did Edulang hire people to portray these situations?

  • Brad Patterson

    Fine question, Mr. Ty.

    Edulang has had a longstanding relationship with professors at Wolverhampton who had helped us developed many of our resources. Not quite sure who hired who in this case (tho, i’ll check), but I do know that many of the actors are actually professors! Impressed with how well they pull it off (tho, I’ve always known many teachers have that “stage presence”).


  • Brad Patterson

    [Post check-in with my team]

    Really pretty cool project. Filmed entirely by the audio-visual department at the university and run by the language professors.
    It seems none of the actors were professionals and that they tried to make every detail as authentic as possible— a professor who actually had an indigestion problem went to a doctor’s office and was interviewed with a real doctor. The house where they did the filming was actually for sale and that’s the dialogue they worked. Even the dean of the school was in a few of the scenes. I think there might have been a rough script but the pedagogical director wanted it to be as authentic and natural as possible.
    Fun backstory!

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