Update on the Edulang Certificate of English: new features


One of the beautiful things about being in web development these days is the collaboration between users and developers.  At Edulang, I get to be the go-to-guy when teachers or students have ideas for how we could add new features or take our materials in new directions.

Since we launched the Edulang Certificate of English, our 100% online English assessment, a number of teachers and schools have asked for a few tweaks and I’m happy to announce that we’ve put them in place within our very unique “pay what you want” offer.

1) Some European institutions are more interested in a CEFR equivalent for their assessment results so we’ve made that possible.

2) Likewise, professional trainers have requested that we make the webcam security requirement of the test optional as they might not have a webcam at their offices, and they would prefer to monitor test-takers themselves and deactivate this requirement.

This last point of course, thus requires the establishment to assume responsibility for the security of the examination, and this no-webcam option is something Edulang will only disable on a case-by-case basis, but if it’s something that’s important to your organization, please let us know!

For more information on the E.C.E please take a look here or feel free to shoot me an email. I hope these changes are fruitful for your specific situations and would love to hear about how you are or will use the E.C.E at your institution.

Cheers, Brad



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