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Feedback is precious.

Just as it is for teachers, publishers like my team at Edulang sincerely do care how their materials are being enjoyed (or not).  Thankfully, I get mostly GREAT feedback from not only online and offline teachers, but students, trainers, schools and so I can’t help but share a bit of what I’m hearing with you.



I went on Englishaddicts and tried a free lesson, then I instantly fell in love with it, and therefore I decided to subscribe to it. -Donzen, china


I just purchased a Test Simulator and English Addicts access and both tools are very interesting. I didn’t pay a lot for them, but I’m compensating by spreading the word! -Thierry, France


I like EA very much because it is varied, offers different levels and accents, and it’s not boring!  So far my favourite lessons are “Teenagers hungry for “The Hunger Games” movie” and “The cable cars of San Francisco“. -Martine, France


English Trainers

As a training professional, I have to know what new materials there are and to select those which meet our customers’ requirements. When I first saw English Addicts, I realized its potential. It is simple to use and does without technological gimmicks. Our customers want top quality, efficient products and services, designed by teaching specialists. -Business Class CEO, Daphne Chisholm-Elie


[My students] are blown away when I give them the demo lesson and are really enthusiastic to start using it to learn.  Some really take off with it, and others need quite a bit of follow-through, which is actually pretty easy to stay on top of thanks to the student-tracking tools. -Eric Schaftlein, Paris


The constant renewal of materials linked to current affairs and the different accents and levels are extremely useful for people in business working with different cultures. Letting students select the topic helps student-teacher interaction, as they have more responsibility for the learning process. Ker Maria, English Language school in France

Online teachers

I teach solely online via Skype now and I am really enjoying using English Addicts, and have had very positive feedback from the students I bought subscriptions for. -Anne, New-Zealand


I’m very excited about this new site I’m using for online lessons. You can register students for as little as one dollar or pay as much as you want and half the money goes to charity. -Sylvia, Greece


I like the materials and lessons which are very helpful for improving listening skills. Thanks you again and again for the given opportunity to use the valuable materials for teachers and students. You’ve done a great job! -Nina, Ukraine


Classroom teachers

It saves A LOT of time. Students select the topic, I listen to it, check the vocab exercises and discussion ideas and then think about what would or could work in my class. I write down a list of possible activities and then depending on how things go I select them. -Phil Wade in his guest post here.


Teachers can build lessons around the use of English Addicts, and students find it to be a nice change from the routine of being in the regular classroom”. The exposure to a variety of speakers of various languages is very important, particularly because more and more students are learning English in order to use it as an international language, in contexts with speakers of a variety of different native languages, rather than with the goal of studying or working in an English-speaking country. Aimee Johnsen, ELT Professor in France


English Addicts helps you have a better understanding of the people you speak with, whatever their mother tongue and whatever the means of communication used – telephone, video-conferences, meetings…” Sylvie Ferreira, Personnel and Training Manager at EMC Computer Systems France


Feel free to check out the 1600 English Addicts lessons here, and if you’re a teacher, I’d be happy to set you up with a free trial.  Just shoot me an email here.

For anybody else, it’s Edulang’s revolutionary pay what you want approach and I’d love to hear from you!


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