Who’s excited about #TesolFrance ? MOI!


When I was teaching for a few years in a little lost corner of China (one of those small unknown towns of 5 million) I often longed to be surrounded by two or three teachers who really cared about professional development.   I had been teaching for 3 or 4 years already but was really ready to grow and wanted to exchange, but there just wasn’t much going on either there (or much that I could find online).  Funny to look back on those years and see how much has changed!

This brings me to one of the most exciting ELT events of the year in France: Tesol France!

Last year the event was an amazing PLN meetup and also a great “brainstorm” of new classroom ideas inspiring the posts “TesolFrance made me think thrice” and “Standing on our PLN’s shoulders


Alll credits go to Matt Leddings for the talent, and somehow it impressed the Tesol France crew enough to askme to host the Open Mic show this year. Wahoo!


I must say I’m especially excited this year to meet f2f such wonderful folks with whom I’ve been sharing online for what seems like forever— Tyson Seburn, Jemma Gardner, Anna Varna, Eduardo Santos, Leo Selivan (the birthday boy himself) and I’m sure a few others that I don’t see on the speaker schedule.

Like every year the speaker schedule is so stacked that one has to often choose between such folks as Leo, Jemma and Divya Brochier… or Elizabeth Anne, Igor Gavillan, Christina Rebuffet-Broadus and Evridiki Dakos… really we can only be at one place at one time?

Very excited to see Chia‘s Plenary as well as catch Anna Musielak in action (her session last year was the most fun I’ve had in awhile at a talk), and Chuck Sandy and Luke Meddings (Stepping back and how to be yourself in class).  I’ll certainly do a wrap-up of my impressions like last year and if you’re at the event, please do check in with me and introduce yourself if we haven’t met yet.

IMPORTANT MENTION:  This is the last Tesol France with with Bethany Cangol as president— and anyone that’s been around Bethany knows that she’s an amazing person but also a powerful and motivated organizer.   Will be sorry to see her go, but a special thanks to her and her board for all the great work they’ve done developing the organization over the past few years.  Simply brilliant!

See some of you next week!!!   EXCITING


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  • Mike Harrison

    Have a fabtacular time, Brad. I’m sure you, and those you’ve mentioned will have a blast =)

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Thanks Mike. Wish you could make it again this year. Will catch you one of these days at another conference around the corner!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicky.loras Vicky Loras

    Woooohooooo!!!! I can’t wait! Last year was the first time we met in person, it was so great : ) Prepare for a giant hug!!!

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    ready 2 receive multiple vicky hugs!!!

  • http://twitter.com/seburnt Tyson Seburn

    Sooooo soooooon now! :D DD

  • Evan Frendo

    Have a good one Brad – we’ll be thinking of you at the IATEFL BESIG conference in Stuttgart. What a shame the two conferences are at the same time.

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Very pumped ;-)

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    I know. Fair amount of folk were going to miss because of it. Good news is that there are quite a few conferences every year, eh! Sure we’ll see you soon, Evan, and enjoy Stuttgart!