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These web applications are services offered by EDULANG.COM Ltd, a publisher of language-learning applications, Companies Registry 360987 - Unit 1701, 17th Floor, The Sun’s Group Centre, N° 200 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong H.K.

Article 1 – Definitions

User: any individual or legal entity who has registered to use our web applications and has access to Edulang web services.

TOEIC® Preparation, TOEFL® Preparation, E.C.E - Edulang Certificate of English, International Breaking News in English, English Grammar I, English Grammar II, English Vocabulary, English for Daily Life, English for Business: web applications produced and published by Edulang named below as "our web applications".

Service: access to the complete content of each application ordered. Once a test has been started or an exercise validated it can no longer be re-initialized; each interactive activity can only be done a single time.

Article 2 – Subject

The following articles define the conditions and terms of service which apply to the use of our web applications.

Buying one web application license enables the user to access this web application for a requested period of time (see section II. below).

User rights with respect to the terms presented here are personal and non-transferable.

Article 3 – Conditions of access to the service

The user registers online to use the service and creates a login and a password. The login and password are personal and confidential. The user is solely responsible for their safeguard and use. The user promises to keep them in a safe place and not to supply them to any third party. All connections to the Edulang web services made using this login will be recorded as being carried out by the user himself or a person under his responsibility.

Article 4 – Responsibilities

The responsibility of Edulang is limited to ensuring the availability of the Edulang web services. Edulang may not be held responsible for the unavailability of the user’s Internet connection resulting from a failure on the part of the user’s Internet provider.

Article 5 – Validity of the Contract

The contract is valid from the date that the user registers to use the service.

The user is subject to the present conditions as long as the login remains valid.

Article 6 – Assistance

Edulang undertakes the responsibility to reply to the best of its ability to any valid requests for assistance. However, Edulang is under no obligation to find a final solution to any request for assistance. Assistance is provided to users via email using this address: It is understood that the cost of the Internet connection is paid for by the user. The user undertakes to supply his personal details and login in order for Edulang to examine any request.

Article 7 – Confidentiality

Edulang undertakes not to divulge to third parties any information supplied in connection to the subscription to the Edulang web services. This information is strictly confidential and will only be used to process the subscription and to keep subscribers regularly informed about Edulang’s products and services.

Article 8 – Litigation

These terms are subject to French law. In case of dispute the competent courts to deal with matters relating to the terms of sale are those of the head office of Edulang, in this case: Brest, France.


Online subscription for individuals: upon receipt of the online subscription and payment, Edulang will activate the type of service requested. The subscription will commence as soon as the subscription and payment confirmation are received and the access to our web applications will remain valid 12 months.

The user undertakes to communicate correct information to Edulang and the conditions described above concerning the login and password still apply.

The price of the subscription is payable in advance and is non-refundable.

Access to the service will be automatically terminated after 12 months.

Professional subscriptions: please contact us for more information.

The use of the single-user license by more than one person is strictly prohibited.

Edulang’s web applications require a computer with an Internet connection that must remain valid as long as the subscription to our web applications is maintained. The price of our web applications service does not include the price of a subscription to the Internet.

It is expressly agreed that if the responsibility of Edulang is upheld in the execution of its service, the user may not claim reimbursement of any sum over and above the amount paid for the subscription already paid by the user.