A day late on nominations— and we all rock! #eddies12



Anyone who is writing for the benefit of other teachers, and doing so on a regular basis in their free time… well they deserve every bit of recognition shown to them!

And those that really go the extra mile (or kilometer) and pour in energy to regular and truly inspiring posts, well they deserve a PLN hug! My PLN hugs are all to the right here on the blogroll.


…and if I had to pick just a few out for an extra large PLN hug, it would be… hence my extra special celebrate-your-awesomeness Edublog 2012 nominations below, which are a day too late… busy week!  It’s the gesture that counts, right? ;-)


1) Best individual blog is hands down Chia Suan Chong.  You probably knew that, though.  Her productivity and inspiration is amazing on her blog as it was clearly visible in her plenary a few weeks back at Tesol France.  ROCK ON, Chia!

2) Best teacher blog is also hands down Tyson Seburn.  Ty reflects weekly on his material, his approach and what’s going on in his classroom.  BIG PLN hug, dude!

3) Lifetime achievement goes to Naomi Epstein who blogs many times a week and always with an interesting and digging angle.  Having talked to Naomi a few times over skype, via email and through our blog conversations, I know she’s doing great things in her local area and am happy to nominate her for something I’m sure she’ll have a hard time believing she deserves, but I know she does (even if her career isn’t yet nearing its close!).

4) Best group blog is also hands down the Teaching Village and its wonderful chief, Barbara Sakamoto.  So many great posts to explore there and thanks to Barbara for bringing that to life and providing such great online professional development for us all.

5) Best new blog might actually not be new in 2012, but it’s new to me and Josette Le Blanc brings so much heart and reflection to all of her posts, she gets the huge PLN hug here too!  ROCK on Josette! Oui oui!

6) Best individual tweeter goes to Vicky Loras as she is an amazingly caring and one of the most supportive and good-hearted folks you’ll meet.  That shines through in all her tweets and she deserves an extra huge PLN super hug. WHOOOOP WHOOOP ;-)


Thank you all.  Learning with you is always a pleasure.



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  • http://twitter.com/seburnt Tyson Seburn

    Thank you, Brad. I appreciate the kind words, especially from you. Hugs back. :)

  • http://twitter.com/naomishema Naomi Epstein

    Thanks a million Brad! You made my day!

    Hope to meet you F2F!

  • Barbara Sakamoto

    Wow! Thanks, Brad! This really means a lot to me, especially coming from you :-)

  • http://twitter.com/JosetteLB Josette LeBlanc

    Wow what a surprise and an honor Brad! Merci! I can remember emailing you a year ago asking you what the acronym PLN meant. Now I’m fully aware. So grateful to share a PLN with you. HUGS!

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Exactly. Very cool to see how we evolve with other great teachers surrounding us!

    You rock, Josette!!!!

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Cheers, Barbara. Well-deserved, indeed!

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Look forward to that day, and my plate of lasagna. Always enjoy exchanging with you here n there, Naomi!

  • http://blog.edulang.com/ Brad Patterson

    Cheers, bud. Keep rockin, señor!