PLN interviews… who’s next ?


Introduce us to a great PLN member in your tribe, so we can all get to know each other a bit better.  Peruse some of the gems below, and please keep us posted if you do an interview and we’ll add it to the growing list here :)

@Brad5Patterson         and          @CeciELT

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@CeciELT       and      @Shellterrell

Getting to know a PLN star


@theteacherjames     and       @annamusielak

ELT Blog challenge interview with Anna


@seburnt           and       @vickyloras

Bookstores, Taxes, and Swiss PD with Vicky Loras


@bcnpaul1          and         @brad5patterson

ELT Blog challenge with Brad


@shellterrell     and      @seburnt



@vladkaslniecko        and          @annamusielak

Vladimira, the Peaceful Ruler


@sandymillin      and       @naomishema

The eternal teacher:  interviewing Naomi


@davidwarr       and          @hoprea

Doing some work


@vladkaslniecko      and       @tarabenwell

Little Daisy PLN Challenge


@abfromz          and       @evab2001

Collaboration and Fun


@vickyloras          and        @esolcourses

PLN Interview with Sue Lyon Jones


@bamarcia          and          @carlaarena

My first PLN love


@evab2001          and          @rlberni

My wonderful PLN


@sandymillin      and       @lizziepinard

When Sandy Met Lizzie


brad    n      @ozge

@Ozge and her amazing artist kiddies, a PLN interview


@silversal     and  @FluencyMC

Interview with an ELT rapper

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  • Marcia Lima

    Hi Brad, I’m interviewing Carla Arena @carlaarena sometime this week. Any tips? ;)

  • Brad Patterson

    get the juicy stuff for us :)  Find out something unique and surprising about Carla.  I’m sure she’s full of surprises and amazing experiences ! 

  • Language Garden

    Hi Brad, I’ve had a skype with Rick, and will get to work on it later this week. Only one thing… we talked for an hour and a half but never got round to the 5 questions. May I go ahead anyway? ;-)

  • Brad Patterson

    as the wise buddhist once said ” Whatever’s clever trevor”. 

    Absolutely… we could use a fresh take on these interviews, and I think the language garden approach would do just that !!!   Merci dude !

  • seburnt

    Awww!  Love the Rocco pic you added.  The rest of the graphic representations of the interviews are ok too, I guess.  ;)

  • Brad Patterson

    you’re a cheeky monkey.  i have a video i need to upload… cutest kid ever say “cheeky monkey”

  • James Taylor

    Great collection Brad, although I’m slightly concerned about what you did to the shape of my head! :-)

  • Brad Patterson

    oooooooooooooooooo    im sorry… im still pretty bad at photoshop… can i make it up to you with artichokes ?  It just didn’t fit in the box right …. PLEASE forgive me… panda please :)

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  • Brad Patterson

    fixed as promised ;-)  lookin studly now !

  • Henrick Oprea

    It was a very nice chat, indeed! :)
    And now I’m thinking about who I’m going to interview… So many challenges, so little time. Anyone up to finding out how to come up with a 30-hour day? :)

  • seburnt

    I’m sure there is a cutest kid ever video in your life for sure!

  • Brad Patterson

    excited 2 c how you steal time, n sauce up your interview !

  • Busemd

    Ok I m done with all the interviews finally:) Blog Challenge is a super cool idea Brad thanks again!
    I m looking forward to meet those people who are my VIP of PLN.
    Big huge enormous hugs!! :) )

  • Adam

    Great idea. I’m available for a chat with anyone… anything to avoid doing proper work.

  • Doing some work « language garden

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  • Brad Patterson

    Big hug back atchya Busem !

  • Brad Patterson

    What if I tweet it… I’m sure you’ll get a ton o’ PLN fish tuggin at the line ;-)

  • LizziePinard

    I’m going to interview Icha (Yitzha_sarwono) :) And Sandy is going to interview me! :) Yay what fun! :-D  

  • Brad Patterson

    VERY cool !!!  Definitely looking forward to catching both of those— I’ve just started bumping into Icha on twitter, so i’m excited to learn more about her, and see what Sandy’s interview with you is like.

    BTW, I just got off skype with Ozge and what a blast it was hearing a bit about her experience as a teacher, and as the one and only Ozge from our PLN !!!   More coming soon :-)

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  • Stanlea73

    Hi Brad,

    I did Michelle and Janet did me just to let you know! Cheers


  • Brad Patterson

    Hi Leahn :)

    Thanks so much…  a great PLN member, Dave Dodgson has made a scoopit page for the interviews, so I’ve stopped updating them here.  I think it’s a more dynamic format and the images give a bit more to each story.  

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