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Embracing global challenges in our local profession


  Why do we do, what we do?   Very simple question, very difficult answer as it reaches back into our own personal histories, cultural histories and the events that have collided throughout to bring us to today.  And, everyday we make choices as teachers, parents, humans that take us down a new historical path…   How do you feel about your path today?  Settled, longing, confused, connected?   Most of us will agree that the 21st century is an exciting time to be alive, and also a confusing one as environmental, modern family issues and economic trials might ‘unsettle’ (…)

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And the audioboo blog contest winners are…


  LAST week i posted a blog contest….. **** Are you early to rise, ……….or do you despise your alarm clock ? The challenge was to create an audioboo to get me outta bed on those “i wanna sleep in” mornings…   now… two lucky contestants will be awarded a very special prize….   drum roll please…     AND the prize was TRULY worth the effort !   BIG merci to everyone that participated, and to Tara for being a good sport AND writing a wonderful book. Greta and James, you’re gonna love it !   I’m sure there’ll be (…)

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Bienvenue à TESOL France a little early ! #tesolfr


  Ready to win a bottle of fine red wine… again ? Last week it was A Journée in Language’s month-old b-day and we did a photo contest to celebrate the event.  It culminated in 78 comments/guesses and no bottle of wine or shipping required on my behalf ! Sandy Millin, the geographer and film buff and non-wine consumer, graciously settled for the prize of a millefeuille when we next meet hopefully in Paris for TESOL france in November.   Bethany Cagnol, president of #TESOLFR, is always ready for fun and suggested we give the wine give-away another go, this (…)

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