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How I learned Chinese (blog challenge part 2)


  If you didn’t catch the first part of my recent learning language blog challenge, check ‘er out, and since then I’ve loved reading Ceci, Sandy, Nina, James, Elinda, Naomi, Shikha, Ann, Ty, Louise, Christos, Tyson, Chris, Stephen, Rebecca, Larisa and Icha’s stories and can’t wait to hear yours   Ever hear someone say our language-learning skills peak at age twelve?   There’s certainly some biological truth to it, but might it also be the case that adults not only lose a touch of  brain plasticity, but also the wonder, ease, and social interaction that children employ to learn a language?  I think so.  Actually, (…)

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QUIZ: You might be addicted to blogging if…


    1.  You clicked on this link. 2.  You constantly think about what you could blog next… while walking down the street, after class, before class, during class, in the supermarket, in the shower… umm… anywhere. 3.  You evernote, record memos or have a notepad to catch those lightning bolt ideas. 4.  You are subscribed to more than 50 other blogs. 5. You feel bad if you haven’t blogged in a week, embarrassed if you haven’t in a month, and then hesitate to post again as you wonder what folks might say when you finally do blog again. 6. (…)

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A leap of faith, photo story-telling inspired by @vickyloras


  Imagine a pilgrimage… where you trekked for month after month… and each step took you somewhere you’d never been before…   Vicky Loras challenged her PLN to share a story, personal or professional but a decisive one. There are over 20 tales on her blog and Vicky’s challenge brings out details that we might not otherwise encounter in 140 characters or in an average blog post. MERCI Vicky !!!! Without further ado, I’d like to share one of my favorite stories that (re)defined my path… it requires a 290-word introduction, and I promise you it’s worth reading on. (and (…)

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Quick blog challenge from @adaptivelearnin


  Who doesn’t like a challenge, especially a good ol’ blog challenge !   These days there seem to be SO MANY to choose from !  I’m excited about answering Vicky Loras’s “What’s Your Story” challenge and joining the 20+ who have shared.  Likewise, I hope to do a language plant as I’m excited about David Warr’s new language plant maker, and his challenge to PLN to start making their own plant creations. However, today I’m going to reach beyond what is my core PLN to a blogger who’s been sharing wonderful resources and whom you might not have crossed (…)

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Blog challenge: compare and contrast photo


  Been awhile since I’ve seen any blog challenges… Anne Hodgson posted a quick pic post yesterday and its humor got the ball rolling on a fun idea.  We sent a few tweets back and forth and decided to challenge you to choose two photos to “compare and contrast” something similar but different. Can’t wait to see how creative the PLN is on this one. I took a few minutes and looked backed over my photos and fell on two I felt like sharing. Here’s my great great grandfather and below is me on my 53 vespa with which I (…)

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