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READ INTO THE FUTURE: Will you be teaching online in 2020?


  Predicting the future has always been a tricky one…   Last week the post on the future of the teaching profession generated some great discussion. I’ve continued reading up on the topic and saw an interesting research article done with online teachers regarding their opinions on the future of the industry.  The article was published in 2006, but, the best part was that they were making predictions for this next year… ie 2013… ie “were they right!?!” Those surveyed predicted a distinct shift from about one-quarter of classes being blended today to perhaps the vast majority of courses having (…)

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Are teachers a disappearing profession… ?


  I think there is an underlying fear that the internet or computers will one day replace our beloved profession… but is it likely to come true?     I can’t see it happening and here’s why. Interested to hear what you think   An evolution Yes, maybe Teacher Version 0.5 is disappearing- the teacher that simply lectures from notes dusty with age.  Their disappearance comes as we notice an evolution towards… teacher 2.0 A teacher that masterfully uses all of the tools at their and their students’ disposition to increase collaborative learning. A teacher who mixes pedagogy, soft skills (…)

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Gramster and Vocabster now online and pay what you want


  How often do you eat breakfast with a swiss army knife? I’m guessing that the answer is “never”, but I’d love to hear otherwise in the comments We most often use specific tools for specific functions. That’s one of the secrets behind Edulang’s greatest successes in materials developing. One of our most specific E-learning tools for grammar and vocabulary has been a huge hit, and when it came out, in less than a year, we had tens of thousands of learners throughout the world.  So cool! Gramster I and II and Vocabster have evolved quite a bit since their release and (…)

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Teacher spotlight: Shaune Peebles and TOEIC® prep


  Today’s post will be another in the fine series of … I recently crossed paths with Shaune Peebles after he started using Test Simulator TOEIC® in class, and our expat discussions about teaching in China, living in Europe and Edulang’s apps have been quite enjoyable, so I asked Shaune if he’d like to share a bit more here. Hence, without further ado… One of the most important and time-consuming parts of my week is lesson prep. For me, it’s important to have quality, practical, and, if possible, unique materials to give to my students.  While I agree with the (…)

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2 mini blog challenges + “who r u reader” survey results


    Nearly 50 responded to last week’s survey which is awesome.  THANKS!!! If you haven’t I’d still love to hear from you as it’s always fun to know who’s reading. Results below, but first two “blog challenge” asides as it is my fav cup of tea. 1) PLN inspiration is a post n small challenge of sorts from Phil Wade.  Check it out and see if there’s a blog you’d like to JING about.  I’m twirling my thumbs thinking of whose blog I might introduce (though Phil’s introduced a chain letter effect to it so I might have to wait my (…)

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