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What is the cost of Knowledge and what should it be?


  Seen the hot news in Higher Education recently? 11531 International Researchers are taking a stand AND Harvard is behind them, but  what are they so upset about?   Courtesy of Giulia Forsythe via Creative Commons   Unfair commerce.  Publishing monopolies. Sound familiar?  Know anyone protesting in a similar way in the ELT context?   These kinds of issues are so much more visible today, and even governments are making strides to change the flow of information and commerce towards fairer practices and more open source approaches.  This month the Guardian reported that England has brought on Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, (…)

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An encyclopedia bites the dust… what’s next?


  Today we heard that news that Encyclopedia Britannica would no longer be printing its tomes… WHY and HOW did we arrive here???   From wiktionary comes the etymology of “Standard” from Old french “estandart“ which meant “gathering place” and that’s what a standard is… the place that PEOPLE gather. For 225 some years people gathered around Encyclopedia Britannica and about 20 years ago they started gathering around Encarta, the Microsoft version of a CD-ROM encyclopedia because of a nicer price, convenience, and certainly a “cool factor” as well. Then came along Wikipedia in the past decade and now free, crowd-sourced, (…)

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