The hippy shoes (a sole/soulful pair)


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Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees takes off his shoes.         ∞ Elizabeth Barrett Browning




Every experience is a “why” and a “why not” at the same time, dude.

But, IATEFL was a memorable meeting of the minds.  What amazing moments revisiting the complexity of human behavoir in its first interactions where souls are very aware, very sensitive.  And, what beauty to realize once again that you can SEE INTO SOMEONE’S EYES in the first moments of meeting them, and know if they are a sister soul or not.  Lots of sister souls present at #iatefl, rarely have I seen such a soul gathering, dude.

(aside- Brad laughin as he writes)

Likewise you can see their wisdom as they talk about themselves and by how they treat others.  We are all on the terrestrial learning path, and we all waver between opposites, seeking our path which winds and winds and winds.  Lastly, we discover more of our sister souls in the evening when a final veil is revealed as it is common to share a pint, or two, or more, as beer is clearly “the ambrosia of the ELT folk”.

(aside— did you know that bière = beer, in french, ironically also means coffin?)


This moment is peace.  IATEFL is beauty.  We learn and we laugh.



Every experience is a “why not” and a “why” at the same time, dude.

I’m repeating myself, and so does life.  That having been saideth, if I repeated too many IATEFLs, I’d be panhandling for the next meal, and possibly in the next incarnation as well.  And yet, we make choices, dude, and to go to IATEFL was a good one, despite the terrestrial $ investment it required.

(aside— what did the buddhist say to the hot dog stand guy?

(“Please make me one with everything”)



IATEFL was.  IATEFL is.  IATEFL will be in our souls forever.

But, this new thing… this thing that is but a pee of a fly in the grand scheme of the universe and time, this INTER-NET… well it’s having more than a butterfly effect on everything right now in human civilization.

I wonder what waves it will have on the ocean of conferences.


What was, was.

what will, will be

but the only moment that is real is NOW.


Are you laughing NOW?


BTW, if those shoes don’t fit you, here are two more pairs:





Cheers, b


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  • Cecilia Lemos

    Love it Brad… and the shoe fits… or the foo… ;-) It really was special, and I saw myself in many of the words you said. I was specially caught by “when the final veil is revealed…”. Love your word play Mr. Patterson.
    Kudos on another fabulous post Brad.


  • Brad Patterson

    merci Ceci !!!

    Always cool to have ya stop by.

    IATEFL was special. Furthermore, i’m impressed that in less than 50 words you can call me mr. patterson, AND Brad twice… somehow managing to avoid any panda reference. :) beijos

  • Cecilia Lemos

    I have to admit it’s hard to stay clear from Panda boy ;-) But this sooo does not define you!

  • Bete Thess

    Well, Brad, IATEFL was a totally new experience to me too. I’d never been, and it showed me a whole new world of connections, friendships, opportunities, career paths, shoes, you name it.:) As a Roving Reporter, I had a different view and a duty at the same time, so everything and everybody caught my eye. One feels tempted to attend them all, but as you well put it, the cost may put a stop to our dreams. However, there’s definitely some ROI in it, whichever way you look. We just have to know 1.where we want to get 2. what we want to achieve with this investment, for it is surely one.
    Your post is absolutely innovative to me – I found it great to jump from here to there and I was obviously curious to know ‘the other views’, so I read it all. As a newbie in the blogging world, you gave me good ideas.
    One complaint, though: I missed the Panda in Brighton.
    Bete Thess

  • Mr Brad (mobile me)

    haha, there might just be another panda sighting soon :)

    Thanx for stopping by and of course there’s great return at these conferences, and it’s, as always, a personal or business choice whether it’s worth the investment.  This time it was for me, and sounds like it was for you too.

    hope 2 catch u sometime soon at one of these ELT shindings. cheers, b

  • Sylvie_guinan

    I love the word cloud that looks like an acrostic mindmap….